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We are always grateful for any gestures of support, which help us in invaluable ways.   Our rangers are supported to do their difficult and frequently dangerous jobs, and their equipment can be kept in good working order. 


In addition, funds are always supportive to us to do research on our Park's treasures, specifically in the realms of botany, herpetology, entomology, archaeology, ornithology and ecology. 


Beyond money, we need hands on the ground to support us with the following: 

  • Building work at the Camp Site and other Park projects

  • Documentation and labelling of medicinal plants 

  • Making trail signs

  • Creating pamphlets and maps for the Park and its medicinal trails 

  • Teaching permaculture and organic methodologies to our community 

  • Contributions of education materials to our schools and to the Park 

For information on how to make a financial contribution and/or volunteer in person please email us


Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts! 

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