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Maria Garcia
Itzamna Society, Chairperson

San Antonio Village,

Cayo District, Belize C.A. 

Tel: +501-671-1753


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Employment History

Chairperson of Itzamna Society (1998-Present)

Elected Chairperson of Itzamna Society (2020)

  • Coordinated and advocated towards acquiring the co-management agreement.

  • Acquired co-management agreement with the help of the Minister of works and the Minister of Environment and fisheries. 

  • Coordinated medicinal and ceremonial workshops at the Elijio Panti National Park

  • Prepared and assisted in the creation of booklets about Maya Medicinal plants and Sacred ceremonial uses of caves.

Elected Chairperson of Itzamna Society (2017)

  • Coordinated meetings with Forestry Dept. and Minister of Environment, fisheries towards the co-management agreement. 

  • Coordinated Development of co-management process. 

  •  Prepared and assisted in the creation of Maya Medicinal booklets. 

  • Coordinated and prepared a Maya Medicinal garden for the school children at the United Pentecostal School. 

  • Advocated and assisted in the protection of a Maya well in the United Pentecostal     School grounds. 

  • Coordinated the construction of a multipurpose shed at the United Pentecostal School 

Elected Chairperson of Itzamna Society (2001)

  • Coordinate community meetings for the villages of San Antonio, Cristo Rey, and Seven Miles. 

  • Educate Villagers and elicit their support for the Elijio Panti National Park. 

  • Coordinated a co-management inauguration celebration for 350 people, which included Mayan spiritualists, environmentalists, embassies, other NGO’s, and local villagers, June 2001. 

  • Prepared educational material for students of the United Pentecostal School for the General Symposium, March 2000

  • Awarded a certificate for “Contribucion al Desarrollo de la cultura Ecologica ”from SEMAneta Internacional, December 2001. 

  • Coordinated the following seminars for community and Itzamna members:     

    • Park Management-Friends for Conservation and Development, 2000

    • Cave Tour Training-Ministry of Archaeology, 2000

    • Organic Cultivation-Cacao Grower’s Association in San Antonio, Toledo District, 2000

    • Co-management of Protected Areas- Forestry Division, 2001

    • Protected Areas Conservation- Janus Foundation, 2001

    • Conservation, National Park Regulations and Development plans for EPNP- Itzamna Society and Forestry Division, 2001

    • Pine Beetle and Fire Monitoring- Forestry Division, 2002

    • National Park Conservation and planning- Friends for Conservation, 2002

    • Community Awareness in Fire Control-Itzamna Society and forestry Department, 2002.


Professional Artist, Self-employed (1981-present)

  • Opened and managed a gift shop containing local art in San Antonio, Cayo since 1985

  • Trained others to carve slate rock

  • Educates visitors of the ancient Mayan religion and beliefs

  • Promoted Mayan Art and Culture through the Belize Tourism Board

  • Awarded “Permanent Artist of Belize” at Riverfest in 1995


Tanah Museum Manager (1991-present)

  • Built a museum to demonstrate traditional Mayan culture

  • Collected Mayan artifacts, tools, instruments to display

  • Educates visitors and students of Mayan Beliefs and traditions

Maya Medicinal Garden Since (1995-Present)

  • Designed, built a Maya alter for sacred maya spiritual Introduction.

  • Responsible for the advertisements and promotions

  • Maintain the maya way of healing.


Other Skills/Training

  • Accounting and Promotion through the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Bob Wilson, 1996

  • Introduction to and Intermediate level of Computer Use through the Cayo Computer Center, 2001-2002



  • Roman Catholic School, San Antonio, Cayo

  • Finished third in class

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