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Mission Statement


Every minute of the day, more and more of the world's lands are disappearing due to human activity.  We use the land and then take from the Earth,  most of the time giving nothing back. 

We recognise the deep generosity afforded to our people by the forest.  She takes on the enormous responsibility of absorbing carbon dioxide and our other wastes while replenishing our atmosphere with pure oxygen.  She filters our water so we may drink.  Within her wild body our sacred plants grow, allowing us to heal. 

Our land was just as precious to our Maya ancestors as it to us in this day and age.  The Earth is our livelihood as well as our Mother.  Acutely knowing this, we wish to give back, support her rejuvenation, restore her balance and protect her, for without her we are nothing. 

Our ancestors flourished living amongst this forest.  They swam and bathed in the rivers, ate fruit from the trees, made medicine from the plants and slept in the caves.  They understood how to protect and return power to the sacred forest by creating temples and making offerings at special sites, many of which can still be visited in the park today.  They cherished the land and understood our wellbeing is inextricable from her wellbeing.  Our longing is to protect our ancestral homeland and life ways.  


We wish to sustain this wild place so that ourselves and future generations may more deeply understand the magical medicinal powers of the forest.  Our prayer is that it may live on as a sanctuary for many endangered animals and plants, as well as the remnants of our ancient culture. 

Although this is one place, we understand the interconnected web of all life.  Phasing out abuses of the Earth, such as pollution, extraction and clear-cutting are necessary to give the Earth time to heal herself.  This recovery allows balance to be restored to the air, water, soil and even slow down the devastating impacts of global warming.  

Protecting the world's rainforests will benefit all of humanity.  Clean air and water prevent disease and high tree cover ensures adequate rainfall.  Our children need to interact with living environments to love and understand them, and to fully embrace their own humanity.  For urban people, the opportunity to interact with wild spaces can inspire choices to protect land in whatever way is accessible.  

Intact ecosystem protect traditional medicines, include those not yet discovered.  In this post-pandemic world, the value of a healthy biome, be it human or bio-regional, is more precious than ever. 

By creating the Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park, we know that we are supporting the Earth to continue to live out her rhythms undisturbed.  This allows us to fulfil our duty as guardians of nature and citizens of the world.  

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