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We extend profound gratitude to people from all over the world who have supported the Park, and who have given immense physical, emotional and spiritual labor to keep this sacred place protected.  These people include: 


The Belizean Government and the people of Belize, especially in the Cayo District. 


Current Chairperson of the Park Committee Maria Garcia for her total devotion to the work of the Park and her people.


Present Board Members: Vice President Mrs. Elsa Soriano, Secretary Ms. Sonia Rosalez, Vice Secretary Mr. Timothy Canto, Treasurer Mrs. Maria Cano, Julian Mai and Consular Jeany Ayala. 

Past Park Committee Members, Guardians and Volunteers: Rafael Mesh, James Mesh, Marcus Ramos, Josue Ramos, Lloyd Chan, Inocencio Canto, Roberto Canto, Ananias Tzib, the late P.C. Concepcion Cal, former Chairperson of San Antonio Arcelito Mai, former Chairperson of Cristo Rey Marco Tzib, former Chairman of El Progresso Seven Miles Julio Ruano, Ruperto Tzib, Miguel Lopez, Oscar Montelvan, Leonardo Tzib, former Chairperson Mr. Manuel Balona, the late Don Victor Tzib, Virjilio Coh, Antonio Mai, former Chairperson Ms. Inez Reyes, Ms. Norely Jimenez, Mrs. Jeanis Queliz, the late Don Daniel Harris, Mr. George Green and many more.  

San Antonio Village Consul Mr. Danny Mai

Cristo Rey Village Consul Mr. Elmer Suarez

El Progresso Seven Miles Village Consul Mr. Moises Waight 

Former Peace Corps Voluteer Susanne Giattina for organising funding and training to begin the Park’s development.

Jennifer Barrie for supporting Project Proposals, teaching in schools and offices, worked with women’s groups and volunteered with our organisation for two years.  

Alanna Randall for her help with environmental education and the Park’s promotion. 

Heraldo Garcia for his generous help and his continuing support.  We could not have accomplished all that we have without him.  

Other Active Community Members Deceased Mr. Miguel Guevara, Julio Lopez, Silvario Canto, Ruben Lopez, Hubencio Canto, Leopaldo Mai, Rodolfo Canto, Timotea Mesh, Cely and Selma Tzib, Victor Alvarado, Carlos Cisneros (teacher), Abdon Tzib is the financial Tecnition for I.S., Jose Suarez (financial technician for Itzamna Society), Raul Coc, Yoni Carrillo  and many more. 

Former Minister of Agriculture for Belize Daniel Silva for his guidance and support throughout our struggle.  

Prime Minister of Belize Johnny Briceno for his kind assistance during his time as the Minister of Natural Resources and helping make the park what it is today. 

Conservation Division Forest Officers Mr. John Pinelo (now Vice Chief Forest Officer) and the late Earl Codd for their advice and strengthening of our cause. 

Meg Easling for her photography and photo editing support. 

The Wood Depot for their generous donation to the trail’s stairway. 

Trekforce for lending a helping hand in exploring and developing the Park. 


Janus Foundation for help training the community to upskill around Park management. 

Ana Maria Ramirez for her diligent work in formulating a draft management plan for the park and surrounding communities. 

Emilia Torallai for her guidance, support and generosity. 

Light Hawk for support with planning and educational endeavours. 

The Tul'ix Indigenous Arts for the creation and maintenance of this website and ongoing support.

Dr. Christian Prager for the use of his Bahlam Jaguar hieroglyph on our new logo (

G.E.F  for support with a project to enhance community stewardship at Noj Kaax Meen Elijio Panti National Park. 

A.C.I.C.A.F.O.C. for the project Sastun Naat which has supported the preservation of our culture and land via school outreach and learning in the uses of medicinal plants. 

Forestry Department through SELVA Maya/IUCN for supporting a project contributing to equipment for our Rangers and the developmental planning for ongoing Park management. 

Panthera for the installation of camera documentation traps in the Park.  

The Black Rock Lodge  the protection of the park through our ranger for patrolling monitoring and maintenances.

Friends for Conservation and Development for supporting conversation education within our three communities.  


J.I.C.A. for their support with organic cultivation, reforestation, greenhouses, freezing containers, water storage, educational materials and other invaluable items that make sustainability much more possible. 


Covid 19 has had a huge impact on our funding sources.  Immense gratitude to all those who continued to volunteer in these extreme times.

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